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Arrivals Departures Connections

PriviumAssist is Morocco’s up and running fast-track service, that offers airport departure, connection, and arrival services.
With competitive prices and tailored according to your needs, ranging from a large group of friends or the whole family to high-profile individuals and executive travel.

Arrivals - Airport meet and assist

Your PriviumAssist concierge will be expecting you, whether you’re arriving at your vacation or business destination, or you’re returning home and in dire need of some quiet time. You will be escorted through:

Fast-track immigration

You won’t spend precious time waiting in queues to deal with complicated immigration policies, our PriviumAssist concierge will escort you through priority immigration lanes, and when applicable, we will help with immigration procedures upon arrival.

Baggage assistance and porter service

Your bags will be carried for you, courtesy of PriviumAssist. Please require the porter service if needed.

Customs control

You will be escorted through customs control and be advised on any tax minimization strategies that are related to valuable items that you’re carrying with you.

Safe ground transportation

With your budget and group size taken into account, PriviumAssist will help arrange safe ground transportation options.

Departures - Airport Meet and Greet

Our PriviumAssist concierge will be expecting you at the curbside, and we provide various services in order to get you to your flight, quickly and without any effort!

Baggage assistance

All your luggage will be carried for you, and you will be escorted to your airline’s check-in area. If you wish to secure your luggage at one of the airport’s secure wrapping stations, you may ask for such service (only applicable if you required it).

Immigration, customs clearance, and Fast-track security

You won’t be waiting in lines and going through travel documents anymore. Marrakech fast track will get you right through airport security, customs, and immigration and you will be escorted through exclusive lanes in some cases.

Lounge access

If you book our PriviumAssist Lounge Access, we will escort you to the main lounge.

Escort to gate

You will board your plane on time, and with minimal wait, our PriviumAssist concierge’s main priority is to do just that! When applicable to your ticket, you will be provided with access to special airport services and priority boarding options.

Connections - Airport assistance

Our PriviumAssist connection service will handle all types of connecting flights within the same airport. Transfer services allocate three hours per traveling party. However, we can make accommodations on a case-by-case basis. Whether your flight is Domestic-to-international, International-to-domestic, or international-to-international, PriviumAssist can do it all!

Terminal transfer assistance

The time between your flights is taken into account and we will ensure that you arrive well relaxed and on time. After all, punctuality is a quality that we offer, and we take great pride in that.

Baggage recheck, customs and immigration, and expedited security

If needed, we will recheck your bags for you and expedite any necessary security, customs, and procedures, and immigration for you, whether you’re transferring to a domestic, or an international flight.

Escort to lounge and gate

You may relax in the lounge and unwind to get more energy for your next flight, Marrakech fast track will make sure if you have enough time. (entry fees to lounges are not included in Marrakech fast-track service).