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Privium Assist Rabat

Nothing is more reassuring than meeting a smiling face at your arrival at Rabat Airport. Rabat fast track provides various VIP services that will make passing through Rabat Airport such an amazing and memorable experience. Join our community of VIPs and Celebrities, we ensure a successful journey whether you have an arrival, a departure or a connection.

PriviumAssist Rabat will take care of every little detail so you can set back and relax. In fact, your personal concierge’s main goal is to avoid any language barriers and wasted time spent blindly navigating your way through the airport. Therefore, our experienced and friendly staff will whisk you swiftly through the boring and tedious procedures.

Travelling for business or just enjoying some quality time with your family, you can access our lounge to prepare for your next meeting and to enjoy our delicious selection of food and drinks.

We can also spare you the trouble of looking for a taxi and the endless negotiations. Your private driver will pick you up or drop you off at or from your chosen location in Rabat city center.